Trench System Build

Our unique trench system has been designed to be modular and built above the ground using bespoke steel gabions used to create revements. These revetments provide the "walls" of the trench which you would more commonly associate with a dug trench - this is not a modern practise however, as the method was used one hundred years ago on the Western Front when the ground conditions (such as soft, unstable ground or a high water table) prevented the excavation of fully dug trenches. 

By using an above ground system it enables easy installation and requires no ground or geophys survey, no research for hidden pipes or cables, no requirement for archaeological work, and of course no excavation and subsequent removal of spoil and the issues associated with a dug trench such as maintenance due to wall collapse or flooding.

The Trenches for Teachers system provides an all-year-round, accessible solution whilst still giving the visitor an immersive and memorable experience and can be maintained by the site operator far easier than with a dug sytem.

For those requiring a dug or even semi-dug system, subject to a site visit and ground survey it would be possible to combine the components in our system to reinforce an excavated trench to provide a more stable build and reduce the requirement for trench wall maintenance.
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