Classroom Topics

We are often asked how a simple trench installation can provide inspiration and motiviation for further learning or lesson plans. Below are some subject areas for consideration.

Themes within military history:
  • Health and hygiene in the trenches (consider also physical fitness)
  • Food and nutrition for Tommy
  • Life as a soldier (what did they do all day?)
  • Medicine and the development of treatment of injuries
  • Correspondance and last letters home (exercises for English lessons)
  • Poetry 
  • Use of languages (soldiers often had pocket phrasebooks on them!)
  • Supply and logistics (a lot of number work here!)
  • Underground warfare and tunneling (methods used dependant on topography and geology)
  • Trench maps - map and compass work
  • Field craft such as use of camouflage and knots
  • Meaning of words such as 'hero', 'bravery', 'sacrifice'
  • Recruitment and propaganda
  • Religion and theology (use of hymns, role of YMCA)
  • Geography and culture  - countries involved included but not limited to: Britain, France, Belgium, Portugal, Brazil, Canada, New Zealand, Russia, Japan, USA, India, Germany, Hungary, Austria and Italy
  • Communication (signals) 
  • Women at war
  • Animals at war
  • Music (marching, pipes and drums)
  • Development and effect of weapons (machine gun, use of gas)
  • Development of mechanised warfare (tanks)
  • Other methods of transportation
  • Clothing, uniforms and 'fashion' relating to the military powers
  • The legacy of war (local war memorials)
  • The poppy and remembrance
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